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B.Sc. Programme (with Computer Sc.)

12 July 2014

The following students have been selected for admission to the B.Sc. Programme (with Computer Science) course in St. Stephen’s College.  They should pay their prescribed fees at the Extension Counter of the Syndicate Bank in the College premises before 12 p.m. on 16th   July 2014.  They are required to submit their original certificates and two of their passport size photographs in Room A at the time of collecting the fees slip. At the time of depositing the fees candidates are required to submit an undertaking on plain sheet of paper, undersigned by the guardian/ parent. The text of the undertaking can be downloaded from the website (Click here to download).

Fees will only be accepted in cash or Bank Draft favoring “The Principal, St Stephen’s College, Delhi”.

Collection time for fees in the bank:  Monday to Friday : 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
                                                     On Saturdays       : 10 a.m. –12 noon

S.No. Reg. No. Name Residence
1 234931-110 ANGELA GILHOTRA  
2 268093-100 ANSHUL ABRAHAM  
3 224348-100 ANUBHAV DAVID  
4 232165-100 APRATIM SINGH  
5 270229-110 AYUSH GUPTA  
6 268244-110 HEMANG KUMAR  
7 247695-110 JHILMIL ANURAG  
8 268103-110 JUSTIN  JOSEPH  
9 269729-110 KANAV SHARMA  RR
10 225024-110 MAMTA YADAV  
11 233176-110 MARK DAS  
12 230401-110 MAYANK JINDAL  
13 233949-110 MELVIN DAS  
14 264428-100 MERCY TOMAR  RR
15 238504-110 MRINALINI GARG  
16 236879-100 MRUDANG MATHUR  
17 244001-100 NIKHIL HAJELA  
18 229442-110 PAUL GEORGE  
19 232402-100 PIYUSH MADHUSUDAN  
20 245451-110 SAATVIK WALIA  
21 250255-100 SAHIL SAREEN  
22 243677-100 SAMEER SAMUEL  
23 267907-110 SARANSH SINGH  
24 268291-110 SATYAM SANTOSH  RR
25 235260-100 SHIVAM KHANNA  RR
26 268498-110 SONALI KHANNA  
27 229387-100 TEENA THOMAS  
28 266496-110 UTSAV   
29 223581-100 VIBHUTI SHARMA   
30 249236-110 VYOM CHAUHAN  


All admissions are provisional subject to verification of documents. Those candidates who have not submitted all documents are advised to submit the same forthwith.

NOTE:- “RR” denotes students admitted with residence in College. Any wrong or misleading information in the application will disqualify the applicant and if already admitted, it will lead to the cancellation of his/her admission.



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