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B.Sc. Programme (With Chemistry)

4 July 2015

The following students have been selected for admission to the B.Sc. Programme (with Chemistry) course in St. Stephen’s College.  They should pay their prescribed fees at the Extension Counter of the Syndicate Bank in the College premises before 4 p.m. on 8th July 2015.  They are required to submit their original certificates and two of their passport size photographs in College Office at the time of collecting the fees slip.

Fees will only be accepted in cash or Bank Draft favoring “The Principal, St Stephen’s College, Delhi”.

Collection time for fees in the bank:  Monday to Friday : 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
                                                     On Saturdays       : 10 a.m. –12 noon

Sr. No. Reg. No. Name Residence
1 478976-110 ABHIJEET P MOREY  
2 454204-100 ADITYA GOYAL  
3 439993-100 ANKAN BOHARA  
4 484197-100 ANKIT MEENA  
5 480039-100 ANNETTE MARIYA TEDY  
6 475545-100 ANURAG KUMAR  
7 466411-100 ASHISH GUPTA  
8 437049-100 CLARENCE TRINIDAD  
10 460685-100 KUNAL MALHOTRA  
12 435424-100 MILIND UMESH  
13 460968-100 MOULI BANERJEE RR
14 473385-110 NIKHIL WILSON RR
15 479185-100 PANKAJ KUMAR  
16 475334-100 PARAS SINGH  
17 445546-100 PRANAV SHROTRIY  
18 440103-100 PRANAV SINGHAL  
19 472689-100 PRASHANT RAJ  
20 467162-100 RAVADA KARUNAKAR  
21 478964-100 RAVI KHATRI  
22 434014-100 RAVI KUMAR  
23 464044-100 ROHIT RR
24 435410-100 SANKARSHAN RASTOGI  
25 472381-100 SHAURYA DHINGRA  
26 441920-100 SHIJI MERIN SHAJI RR
27 446511-100 SHIMAN VASHISTH  
28 461247-100 SHRISH GARG  
29 451909-100 UDASHEY GOYAL  
30 445949-100 VAISHALI GOEL RR
31 448814-100 VIDISHA GOYAL  
32 450262-100 VINAY LOOHACH RR
33 447006-100 YASHVARDHAN SINGH  
34 461720-110 YOGESH   

All admissions are provisional subject to verification of documents. Those candidates who have not submitted all documents are advised to submit the same forthwith.

NOTE:- “RR” denotes students admitted with residence in College. Any wrong or misleading information in the application will disqualify the applicant and if already admitted, it will lead to the cancellation of his/her admission.

All first year students are required to attend the Assembly in the College Hall at 10.15 a.m. on the day before the opening of the College, i.e. on  19 July 2015.  After the Assembly they are invited to have lunch in the Dining Hall at 12.30 p.m.



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