15 June 2011

Dear Applicants,

You have been waiting eagerly for these cut-offs. Frankly, I don't like the expression "cut-off". St. Stephen's does not want to cut-off or exclude anyone. But we are forced to. We are, comparatively, a tiny institution. I wish we had room enough for all of you who have applied. But we don't. We are not happy about it. I feel that all of you are already in touch with the soul of this great academic institution, even if many of you -more than 25000 of you- will not find your names on our rolls. I want you to know that we value each one of you. We respect the promise you hold. In due season you will blossom and add value to our national intellectual capital.

The eligibility bar, I am afraid, has shifted higher. Wonder when or where this will stop! It is a painful experience for me to reject a young scholar who has scored 95%. But, I have no choice. This is no reflection on your merit. All of you are meritorious. And all of you will, I hope and pray, find the conducive context for your continued education and personal empowerment. I wish you every blessing.  

I look forward to meeting those who have made it to the interview stage. Just a word to them. In St. Stephen's we believe in encountering you at the level of your strength, not weakness. You must be totally relaxed at the time of your interview. Anxiety inhibits merit. Enjoy the interaction, which will be assuredly friendly. Just relax and enjoy the experience. (But do not come in your casuals! )


See you soon.






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