26 June 2012



Calling on those duped, if any, to report to the College / SHO, Maurice Nagar.

The attention of all concerned is drawn to an instance of fraud sought to be perpetrated in the name of St. Stephen’s College in relation to the admission of students to various courses. 

One Trideep Joshi, apparently the Managing Director of an outfit that goes under the name and style of Eldorado.com, with mobile numbers 09863169431 and 08822955070 and email id admnmd@eldorado.ind.in, and who claims that his company has an MOU with St. Stephen’s College in respect of admissions, has reportedly collected a substantial sum of money from the father of an applicant who is below the cutoff for 2012, promising to secure admission to the College, nonetheless, under the “management quota”. In this light it is clarified:

  1. St. Stephen’s College has no MOU with any individual or company in connection with admission to the College. Any claim to the contrary is false and fraudulent.

  2. St. Stephen’s College has no “management quota” or “management seat(s)”. Admissions are done in a completely transparent fashion with zero-scope for interference or manipulation.

  3. No one below the ‘cut-offs’ for various courses announced has any chance of being considered for admission, now or later. Unlike other colleges, St. Stephen’s has no second or third list.

  4. Those who get into any under-hand transaction with admission wheeler-dealers do so at their own risk and cost. The College shall not be liable for any consequence eventuating from anything done contrary to this warning.

  5. St. Stephen’s has now filed a complaint with the police regarding the fraud that has come to light and the matter is under investigation. Should there be any, other than the instance already on record, duped by anyone invoking the name of St. Stephen’s College, he/she/they is/are requested to inform: The Secretary to the Principal, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi 110007 (011-27667200). They can also meet the Tutor for Admission in person with prior appointment. The matter can also be reported directly to the SHO, Maurice Nagar, Delhi 110007.

Let us work together to eradicate corruption from the sanctuary of education.


Rev. Dr. Valson Thampu



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