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If you are a Senior Member and want to make your course material available through the website, you may email the same (in Word, PDF or any common format) to stephens.webteam@gmail.com.  Your course material may include additional notes, assignments, solutions or any information that you want to distribute to your students.

Within a day of your sending it, the material will appear on the relevant Department page.  Any student can access the material through the website.  The benefits of such a method of distribution go without saying.

Senior Members are encouraged to make use of this facility. Any queries or doubts may be sent to stephens.webteam@gmail.com.

NOTE: When sending material, please make sure to mention how long you wish for the material to stay on the website.

Other Facilities

Most of the facilities under construction mentioned in the Junior Members Page are of course, open to Senior Members too.

We are presently considering the feasibility of providing Senior Members with the facility of creating their own personal pages and hosting them through the college web site. If such a facility is provided, Senior Members can login with their IDs from anywhere in the world and update their own custom-made pages.

If any Senior Member is interested in making use of this facility, please inform the Web Team (email stephens.webteam@gmail.com). Making your own web pages is as easy typing out a Word Document and a quick tutorial will be made available soon.


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