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Online Application

Online application can be accessed through the link provided
the bottom of this page.

Instructions for applying Online 

    Access to the online application form is available after registering your email address when you login for the first time. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login account and password.

   If you forget your password, please use the “Can’t access your account?” link located on the login screen to submit a request to the technical team to send you the required information.

    Please make sure that you provide a valid and active email address and mobile number so that you can receive important information and reminders.

    There are nine drop-down sections in the online form. Each of these sections is labelled. You can move from one section to another by clicking on its label.

   You can choose more than one category, if applicable. For example, if you belong to the Christian category and are also a member of a scheduled tribe, you may select both the Christian category and the S.T.category.

  Subsections may open up, depending on the selections you make in the checkboxes provided. For example, if you select Sports category in the CATEGORY section, the sports form will open up.

   In the section EDUCATIONAL RECORD, you have to select the subjects from the drop-down list provided. Please remember to select the checkbox given against a subject if you want it to be included in calculating the BFS. If you want to include a subject not listed in the dropdown list, you can manually enter the subject under ‘Other’. Please make sure that you choose at least one language in the best four subjects. You are free to choose any language. For instance, you can choose Assamese, if you have studied Assamese in class 12 and doing so is more advantageous to you than, say, choosing English. You are also free to choose more than one language in the best four subjects. For example, if you have very high marks in, say, Tamil and English, you are free to choose both of them in your best four subjects.

   In case you have applied for B.Sc. (Hons.) in Mathematics, do include Mathematics among the four subjects that you have selected to calculate the BFS, in addition to at least one language, while selecting checkboxes under BFS (for Maths Hons.). If you have applied for any B.Sc. (Hons.) or B. A. Programme course in addition to Mathematics Honours, you should also select four checkboxes under BFS. The selection of subjects under BFS need not be the same as what you have selected under BFS (for Maths Hons.).

   Every mandatory field in each section must be completed for your application form to be submitted. You do not have to complete the online form in one sitting. The form is auto-saved each time. You may access your form and modify the information as many times as you like prior to submission.

    No changes will be accepted after submission. You should, therefore, make sure that all information given is correct and complete before you submit your form.

   Once you have completed the form, you should submit your application by clicking the “Submit” button. This will take you through the steps to make payment of the application fees.

   Applicants belonging to the PwD category do not have to make any payments (Please refer to Section 6.3).

   Payment of fee for applications can be made online either by using a credit card or a debit card issued by any bank. Alternatively, you can make a cash payment at any branch of the State Bank of India using a printout of the Payment Challan generated by the system. Choose the method most convenient to you. State Bank of India will charge Rs. 25 for providing this facility. Please note that cash payment at SBI branches will be accepted only one day after you have generated the Payment Challan. For instance, if you generate the Payment Challan on 8 June 2015 you should go to a branch of the SBI only on or after 9 June 2015 to make the cash payment. You can find payment status by clicking on PAYMENT HISTORY in the MAKE PAYMENT SECTION.

   An email confirming that your form has been successfully submitted will be sent to you after making the payment of the application fee.  For online payments, the confirmation will be sent within an hour. In case of cash payments at SBI branches, confirmation is sent within 48 hours. If you do not receive confirmation beyond these time limits, send an email to admissions@ststephens.edu.

  You will be able to apply for additional subjects even after completing the submission of your application by logging in, choosing new subjects, and making additional payment for these.

   Online applications will close on 15 June, 2015. However, those who have successfully submitted the application forms and have generated the Payment Challan for the SBI on or before the deadline of 15 June 2015 will be permitted to do so up to 16 June 2015.




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