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Applying for Admissions

1. Requirements for Admission
2. Application for Admission
3. Procedure for Admissions
4. Interview Schedule
5. Accommodation in College during the Admission Process
6. Admission Schedule
7. Fee

  1. Requirements for Admission

    The applicant must satisfy the eligibility conditions laid down by the University of Delhi. Admission is given on the basis of the candidate's academic record and performance at the interview (that is, composite merit), keeping in mind her or his all-round competence, capacity to benefit from being in this College and potential to contribute to the life of the College. The previous academic record should be of high quality.

    For admission to the first year of the Bachelor’s degree programme an applicant must have passed the Senior School Certificate or an equivalent examination.

    The College admits students only to the first year of the courses of study offered. No migration of any kind is allowed.

    The requirements to qualify for the interview for the different subjects (Discipline Course I) are as given below.  

    • Physics and Chemistry: The candidate must have done Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (“PCM”) at the qualifying level and the “cut-off” is decided on the basis of the PCM aggregate.
    • Mathematics: The candidate must have done Mathematics. The cut-off is decided on the basis of the aggregate of the best four subjects (BFS), but in calculating the BFS aggregate, marks in Mathematics must be included in addition to at least one language. Those who have done only Business Mathematics are not eligible for Mathematics Honours.
    • Economics: The cut-off is decided on the basis of the aggregate of the best four subjects (BFS). A candidate must also have done Mathematics at the Class XII level, and should have the minimum prescribed marks in Mathematics (which will be notified). However, Mathematics does not have to be included in calculating the BFS aggregate. In the case of foreign boards or schools (recognised by the AIU or the University of Delhi), candidates must have done a course in calculus.
    • English: Aggregate marks in Best Four Subjects is the basis of deciding the cut-off percentage.  In addition, the candidate should have the prescribed marks (to be notified later) in English Core/Functional English, or English Elective /Literature in English.  Preference will be given to those who have done English Elective or Literature in English.
    • History, Philosophy and Sanskrit: Aggregate of Best Four Subjects forms the basis of cut-off marks. Candidates applying for Sanskrit should have studied Sanskrit at least up to Class X.

    Wherever there is a reference to “Best Four Subjects” (BFS), at least one of these subjects must be a language (which does not have to be English). An applicant is, however, free to include more than one language in BFS.

    For applicants from Boards that include class XI marks also into the final results the BFS/PCM will be calculated by combining the marks obtained in class XI and XII.

    Please also note that the following subjects are not to be included in the calculation of marks of the Best Four Subjects (BFS) marks: Environmental Education (ISC), Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Painting, Dance, Music, Physical Education, Home Science and all other vocational subjects.


    Candidates from Foreign Boards

    Candidates from foreign boards or schools are eligible, provided the qualification obtained is recognized by the University of Delhi or the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). BFS for these candidates shall be calculated on the basis of the relevant grade conversion scheme provided by the University of Delhi. Results should have been officially declared before the interview. Predicted grades/results are not acceptable.


    Residence on Campus

    In St. Stephen’s College a comparatively large proportion of the student body is provided residence on campus. Nevertheless, given the all-India character of the College, it is only natural that a large number of students seek accommodation on campus, and not everyone who wishes to stay on campus will be successful in securing the same. Preference will be given to students whose parents do not stay in Delhi or neighbouring towns in allotting residence on campus. In light of the limited residential facilities available, all applicants are advised to that they should be prepared to make safe and satisfactory arrangements for their stay outside the campus, in case they are not granted on-campus accommodation. It is to be noted that admissions to residence are made annually. The fact that you have been allotted a room in any given year does not mean that you will continue to live on the campus in subsequent years. Allotments are based on academic merit, compliance with College discipline and contributions to the total life of the College.

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  2. Application for Admission

    Postgraduate Courses

     Online applications are not available for postgraduate admissions. The College admits students for postgraduate studies only if they are cleared for admission to the University Department/Faculty concerned. Therefore, besides applying to St. Stephen’s College in the prescribed form, which will be available from 20 June 2013, they are required also to apply to the corresponding department in the University. Further information in this regard should be obtained from the office of the University Faculty or Department concerned. Completed forms should be submitted to the College within three days of the announcement of the respective University MA/MSc admission list.

     Undergraduate Courses

     Only online applications facility will be available.

      Application Forms can be submitted online with the following charges:

    (i) Application fee per course:                 Rs. 50

    (ii) Residence application fee:                  Rs. 150

    (iii) Sports form:                                   Rs. 150 per game

    Any wrong or misleading information in the application will disqualify the applicant. If the candidate is already admitted, it will result in the cancellation of admission.

    In general, no certificates are to be uploaded with the application. Certificates are required only at the time of interview and admission (see Interview Schedule and Admission Schedule below).

     However, candidates from foreign boards should upload the equivalence certificate, grade conversion scheme and other relevant documents while submitting their applications. Persons with Disability (PwD) should read the next section.

    Canditates belonging to PwD Category.

    Procedure of filling online application forms for applicants belonging to the PwD category is the same as that for anybody else. However, no application fee will be charged from them. PwD candidates are, required to either take a printout of acknowledgment slip after successfully submitting the form and mail/courier/submit the slip to the Tutor for Admissions, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. 110007 along with a copy of the disability certificate from a competent authority (see  prospectus) or upload a scanned copy of the disability certificate before submitting their application. Those uploading the disability certificate online need not print the acknowledgement slip and mail it to College. Applications of candidates belonging to the above category will be considered only if the disability certificate is uploaded online or printout of the acknowledgment slip along with the disability certificate is received by the Tutor for Admission on or before 4 pm, 19 June 2013.

    Candidates applying under Urdu Category

    Applicants seeking admission against seats reserved for Urdu candidates must have studied Urdu till Class XII. Such candidates will undertake to do Urdu as the Modern Indian Language Foundation Course. They will also undertake to do all six Urdu papers in Discipline Course II. An undertaking to this effect has to be executed at the time of the interview. Please be warned that failure to comply with this requirement will result in cancellation of admission to College. No excuse of any kind shall be entertained.

    Foreign Nationals

    Foreign students are required to register themselves with:

    Room No. 11, First Floor
    Conference Center
    University of Delhi, Delhi - 110 007
    Phone No : 011-27666756
    E_mail :fsr_du@yahoo.com, dydean_fs@du.ac.in

    More information is available at http://www.du.ac.in/index.php?id=146

    Foreign nationals will have to bring proof of registration with Foreign Students Registry Office of Delhi University at the time of interview.

     Instructions for applying Online 

          Access to the online application form is available after registering your email address when you login for the first time.  You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login account and password.

          If you forget your password, please use the “Can’t access your account?” link located on the login screen to submit a request to the technical team to send you the required information.

          Please make sure that you provide a valid and accurate email address so that you can receive important information and reminders.

          There are nine dropdown sections in which information is to be filled in the online form. Each of these sections is labelled. You can move from one section to another by clicking on its label.

          You can choose a category and a subcategory, if applicable. For example, if you belong to the General category and are also a person with disability, you can select General category and subcategory PwD (Person with Disability).

          Subsections may open up, depending on the selections you make in the checkboxes provided. For example if you select Sports subcategory in the CATEGORY section the sports form will open up.

          In the section EDUCATIONAL RECORD you have to select the subjects from the dropdown list provided. Please remember to select the checkbox given against a subject, if you want it to be included in calculating BFS percentage. If you want to include a language not listed in the dropdown list, you can manually enter the language under ‘Other Language’.

          In case you have applied for Mathematics, do include mathematics in addition to at least one language among the four subjects you have selected to calculate BFS and select checkboxes under BFS (Maths). If you have applied for any humanities course in addition to Mathematics, you should also select boxes under BFS (Other). The selection of subjects under BFS (Other) need not be the same as what you have selected under BFS (Maths).

          Every mandatory field in each section must be completed for your application form to be submitted. You do not have to complete the online form in one sitting. You may access your form and modify the information as many times as you like prior to submission.

          No changes will be accepted after submission. You should, therefore, make sure that all information given is correct and complete before you submit your form.

          Once you have completed the form, you should submit your application by clicking the “Submit” button. This will take you through the steps to make payment of the application fees.

          Applicants belonging to the PwD category do not have to make any payments. They will be directed to take printouts of the acknowledgement slip or to upload a scanned copy of the disability certificate.

          An email confirming that your form has been successfully submitted will be immediately sent to you. If you do not receive confirmation, send an email to admissions@ststephens.edu

         Payment of fee for applications can be made online either by using a credit card or a debit card issued by any bank. Alternatively, you can pay by cash at any branch of the State Bank of India using a printout of the payment challan generated by the system. You may choose the method which is most convenient to you.  Please note that cash payment at SBI branches will be accepted only one day after you have generated the challan for payment. You can find payment status by clicking on PAYMENT HISTORY in the MAKE PAYMENT SECTION.

         You will able to apply for additional subjects even after completing the submission of your application by logging in, choosing new subjects  and making additional payment for these .

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  3. Procedure for Admissions

     Postgraduate Courses

    Admission to an MA/MSc course is subject to the applicant's securing admission in the University Faculty/Department concerned, and an interview conducted by St. Stephen’s College. Dates for interviews will be notified later.

     Undergraduate Courses

     Admission is based on two components with the following weights:

    (i) Class XII marks:   85%

    (ii) Interview:           15%

    The College interviews approximately:

             four applicants per seat for Economics, History and English

             five per seat for Mathematics

             six per seat for Sanskrit, Philosophy, Chemistry  and Physics

    In each subject, the marks of the last candidate in this list become the ‘eligibility marks' (referred to as the ‘cut-off marks’) for being called for the interview.

    For details of the subjects to be taken into account and additional eligibility requirements, if any, in determining the ‘cut-off’ marks for various Discipline I Courses refer to Requirements for Admission section above above.

    Broadly speaking, an interview has the following components:

     (a) Academic: The candidate’s academic potential and suitability for the subject chosen, beyond what is indicated by marks alone.

     (b) Co-Curricular: The potential to participate in the co-curricular activities of the College and to contribute to its total life. The College does not have a separate “ECA” (extra-curricular activities) quota, but proficiency in ECA is taken into account during the interview.

     (c) General Awareness and Sense of Values: A candidate’s personal outlook, sense of values, level of awareness and motivation.

    The candidate’s statements on the admission form about himself or herself, his or her interests, goals etc. form vital interview material.

    The list of short-listed applicants along with their interview schedules will be put up on the College notice board on June 22, 2013. Applicants called for the interview will get an interview call letter at their registered email address. They can also generate the interview call letter from the College website.

    Applicants called for interview are required to bring a printout of the call letter at the time of appearing for the interview.  

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  4. Interview Schedule

    Documents to be brought at the time of interview

    Applicants appearing for the interview will be interviewed only if they have the following documents with them:

    (a) Two recent passport size photographs.

    (b) The printout of the interview call letter.

    (c) The following documents, in original and one set of self-attested copies:

    (i)  Certificate of date of birth (normally the Secondary School Certificate).

    (ii)  Mark-sheet of the qualifying examination.

    (iii) Baptism Certificate and a letter of recommendation from the parish priest concerned, SC/ST Certificate from a competent authority*, Physical Disability Certificate**, Equivalence Certificate (for candidates from foreign examining bodies), as and where applicable.

    * Officers competent to issue Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe certificates:

    (i)    District Magistrate / Additional District Magistrate / Collector / Deputy Commissioner / Additional Deputy Commissioner / Deputy Collector / Ist Class Stipendiary Magistrate / City Magistrate / Sub-Divisional Magistrate / Taluka Magistrate / Executive Magistrate / Extra Assistant Commissioner.

    (ii)    Chief Presidency Magistrate / Additional Chief Presidency Magistrate / Presidency Magistrate.

    (iii)   Revenue Officers not below the rank of Tehsildar.

    (iv)   Sub-divisional Officer of the area where the candidate and/ or his family normally reside(s).

    (v)   Administrator / Secretary to Administrator / Development Officer (Lakshdweep Island).

     ** A Physical Disability Certificate has to be issued from a Government Hospital. In the event of any doubt on the part of the Principal of the College as to the genuineness of the certificate, or the extent of the disability of the candidate concerned, or in regard to the entitlement of the candidate to seek admission under the category of physically disabled candidates, it is open to the Principal to refer the candidate to a Medical Board to be constituted by the University, and/or take such other steps as may be required to ascertain the correct facts and entitlement of the candidate concerned, and if it is found that the candidate is not eligible or entitled under this category, to cancel the admission after issuing a show cause notice to the candidate concerned, giving him 15 days’ time to reply.

    Certificates issued by any non-competent authorities will not be accepted.

    The self- attested copies will be retained while the originals will be returned after scrutiny. Applicants should make sure that they take back their original certificates after their interview (In exceptional cases a candidate may be permitted to produce the original certificates at a later stage.)

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  5. Accommodation in College during the Admission Process

    Accommodation on the campus, with facilities for dining, is available to a limited extent for outstation candidates and their parents/guardians during the admission process. The College does not, however, guarantee the availability of accommodation for all. Those wishing to take advantage of this facility should apply in advance at accommodation@ststephens.edu. Those allotted accommodation will be required to pay the prescribed tariffs for food and lodging in advance, at time rooms are allotted.  

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  6. Admission Schedule

    The list of applicants selected for admission will be put up on the Notice Boards in the College and on the College website after 4:00 pm the day after the interviews for a particular course have been completed. A Waiting List, in order of merit, for different categories will be put up at the same time.

    Those selected for admission should submit their original certificates and two passport-sized photographs at the time of paying their fees and completing admission formalities. If for unavoidable reasons, it is not possible to submit the original certificates at the time of admission, they should be submitted as soon as possible thereafter, but not later than two weeks after the commencement of the academic year, failing which admission shall be cancelled.

    The original certificates will be retained by the College till the time the student finishes her/his course or leaves the College.

     Activation of Waiting List
    Depending on availability of seats, admissions from the applicants on the Waiting List will be made after the first list has been exhausted. These will be displayed on the College notice boards. Every effort will be made to inform applicants individually, but applicants are advised to consult the College Notice Boards and keep in touch with the College. All admissions will close on the date notified by the University of Delhi.


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  7. FEES 2013-14 (Semester I)


    Semester I

    Fee payable within four days of admission






    College Fee *


    Rs. 13485


    Residence Fee **

    Rs 20450

    Initial Mess deposit/Actual Mess Charges **

    Rs 12000


    * Payable by all students

    ** Payable only by resident students

    • The amounts above are for undergraduate students. The fees for MA/MSc students are similar, though there are minor differences in the University fee and other charges.

    • The College fee includes Rs. 500 as caution money that is refundable when the student leaves College.

    • University examination fee is not included.

    • The Residence fee includes a refundable deposit of Rs. 3000.

    • Mess charges will be based on actual expenses.

    • The initial mess deposit will be refunded when the student leaves College.

    Fees should be paid in cash or by a demand draft made payable to “The Principal, St. Stephen’s College”.

    Students are required to pay the fees at the commencement of each semester. A student whose fees are not paid in time is liable to have his or her name removed from the rolls of the College.

    Financial Assistance

    Financial assistance to students is provided by the College on the basis of need and academic merit. Up to 20% of students may be given freeships (remission of tuition, games and library fees). Ad-hoc grants for books, stationery, towards mess charges etc are given from the Students’ Aid Fund. A few Christian Bursaries are available for Christian students. A large number of merit-cum-means scholarships of varying amounts are also available and are awarded each year.

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