Dear Fellow Stephanians and all well-wishers,

Most of you are at a distance from the College and, hence, may well be unaware of the good things happening in College. Given the love you have for this unique and great institution, you will be eager and happy to know that St. Stephen’s is now making rapid strides toward.

One of the major challenges in looking after an old educational heritage is its ageing infrastructure. The present campus was designed and built during World War II. Going by the standards then, the College must have been an astoundingly attractive architectural achievement. It would have stood, towering over the rest in quiet dignity and unmatched quality. That, alas, is no longer the case, except for the academic block which, even after 7 decades, retains its charm and compels awe and admiration. It was on seeing the façade of this building on the Net that the Qatar Foundation decided to choose St. Stephen’s College as the venue for its Doha Debate. We were then the 4th educational institution in the world to host this globally popular BBC programme.

Several other landmark sites in College, however, stand in urgent and crying need to for repair and renovation. Among them the following:

1.    The New Internet Resource Centre. Work is almost over in this state-of-the art facility which is the best of its kind in Delhi University. This is situated in the Extension Block, spread over three rooms all of which have been done up tastefully. The floor, the walls, the furniture and all fittings have been carefully and tastefully.  This Centre houses 80 terminals and all related facilities and will be a blessing to the several generations of students to come.

2.    The Science Dhaba: recently inaugurated by Shri. B. G. Varghese. Situated between Rudra North and the Basket Ball court, this is a much-frequented facility that stood, till recently, wearing a forlorn and dingy look, quite unbecoming of St. Stephen’s. It looked jarringly un-Stephanian. You will be happy to know that this (together with the long stretch of road that runs in front of it) has now been completely redone (see the photos elsewhere on this site).  I am grateful to Ms. Hriitu Rana and Sanjeev Seth for helping the College with this.

3.    The Junior Combination Room (JCR).  This very popular facility, where the resident and non-resident students meet and relax, has been in a run-down state for long. The floors were dirty and the walls scruffy. The floors have been tiled and the walls smoothened and brightened. The veranda is being laid anew with Kota stones. The work will be over in a couple of days from now.

4.    The Ladies’ Combination Room (LCR). As in the case of JCR, above.

5.    The College Café. The work is about to begin.

6.    The Science Blocks. Are undergoing the most massive renovation and up-gradation process ever in the history of the College. Work began 5 weeks ago and it is expected to be finished by the end of this month. The two Chemistry labs have modular fittings and provisions. When the work in the two blocks finishes, the students may well have difficulty in recognizing the “Science Blocks” they are familiar with! More so, after the landscaping envisaged is also executed.  

The Mater Plan of the College, outlining the developmental roadmap of the College for the next several decades, is on the anvil and making good progress. I am grateful to Amitabh Kant and Harminder Singh for their extremely valuable help. Also to the College Architect, Vineet Khanna, (courtesy Bobby Kewalramni and Sanjeev Bikhchandani). All going well, we hope to be able to file the Master Plan for approval by the MCD pretty soon.


All of you are invited to:

             1.    Visit the College and be part of the unfolding excitement.

 2.    Offer your material support to this gigantic effort. Those wishing to do so, may send their donations favouring “The Principal, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi 110007,” accompanied with a letter stating the purpose of the donation.

The College enjoys IT exemption under Section 80 G and you will be issued:

1.    A receipt for the amount donated

2.    Certificate of IT exemption.

3.    You will be acknowledged appropriately.




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