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The Founding Team

First Row: Natasha, Abhik, Mark.
Second Row: Anupama, Kevin, Binu.
Third Row: Felix, Arun.

Members of The Founding Web Team
who developed the College website for the first time in 2000

Kevin D'Souza
(Webmaster & Project Leader)
(1998 - 2001) Kevin was responsible for the inception, completion and maintenance of the website. Kevin had also maintained an unofficial College website for two years.

Abhik Prasad
(Web Designer & Concept Promoter)
(1999 - 2002) Abhik was in charge of  e-mail administration, content development & promotion of the site.

Binu A. Mathew
(Web Designer & Graphics Specialist)
(1998 - 2001) Binu was the graphics and visual design specialist of the site.

Manik Mark Raj
(1998 - 2001) Mark was in charge of  programming and  code scripting for the site.
Natasha Mary Thomas
(Web Designer & Programmer)

(1999 - 2002) Natasha was responsible for content generation and editing of  web pages.
Anupama Srinivasan
(Web Designer & Programmer)
(1999 - 2002) Anupama's areas of responsibillity included  content development and editing of  web pages.
The Founding Web Team:

This site couldn't have been put together without the help of M.R. Felix and Arun Kumar, the Scientific Assistants of the Computer Science department. A special mention must be made here of the Digital Camera which belongs to M.R.Felix.

We also wish to thank the staff advisors and student editors of The Yearbook and The Stephanian  for their kind cooperation.



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