I wish to felicitate the Social Service League (SSL) as this core society completes a century of soulful service through the College. The SSL is envisaged to be an authentic expression of the culture and ethos of our College. Fostering a spirit of selfless service is a shaping concern in our philosophy of education. No other Society embodies this to the extent that the SSL does.

It is not easy to quantify the sustaining role that the SSL plays vis--vis the uniqueness of our College; just as it is difficult to do the same in respect of the work of a gardener vis--vis a garden. While the presence is taken for granted and goes unnoticed, the absence means an impending crisis! The day St. Stephen’s disowns its core commitment to promoting a spirit of service through education it shall cease to exist as the institution we have known it for these many decades.  

It is my special privilege to commend the activities of the SSL to all members of the College family, including the alumni on this very historic occasion. I am sure that the programmes and initiatives of the SSL, especially throughout this centenary year, will have your enthusiastic support and participation.  

The Social Service League of St. Stephen’s College was founded by Mr. C. H. C. Sharp and Revd. W. F. Ireland in 1913, with the motto “Service above Self”.

Projects, Activities and Events

v  The Ireland Sharp Project aims to utilize the provisions of the Right to Education Act and the programs offered by Navodaya Vidyalayas to improve the educational circumstances of underprivileged children.

v  As part of the Rural Development Program, the SSL is working as part of the UN Volunteers program with Anant Vikas (a NGO) to develop Gomla village in Haryana into a model village.

v  The SSL organizes Evening Classes to help the wards of College karamcharis with their academics.

v  The New Year Party and the Rudra Dinner are organized to felicitate and thank the non-teaching staff of College and their families.

v  Volunteers of the SSL regularly visit orphanages and old age homes in and around Delhi to interact with the inmates of these institutions.

v  The SSL organizes two Blood Donation Camps at either end of the academic year which witness enthusiastic participation from a large number of donors.

v  The SSL organises ‘Drishtikon’ – a state level inter-college competition for visually challenged students.

100 years of SSL

The year 2012 marks the centenary of the foundation of the SSL. The SSL plans to commemorate this occasion by organizing an event – 100 Years of SSL – on 31st October, 2012 and 1st November, 2012. A host of events have been planned for these two days.


31st October, 2012

         Inauguration and inaugural talk

         Panel Discussion

         Performance by differently abled children

1st November, 2012

         Painting Competition for underprivileged children

         Dance Competition

         Program with people from old age home

         Event in collaboration with NSS of other colleges of Delhi University

         Musical by the wards of College karamcharis

I wish to place on record my appreciation for the outstanding work being done by the Staff Adviser –Ms. Richa Raj- the office bearers and volunteers of the SSL.



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