Wildlife Society

If you are one who has often fed one’s tiffin to the stray dogs or longed to be able to do something when you saw a green tree being chopped or an injured bird unable to walk.

If you are one who has stood and admired the infinite beauty of a little white flower in the green grass-Welcome to the Wildlife Society…for in this society you find people who care-care to protect, care to preserve and care to conserve.

The wildlife society of St, Stephens College is one of the most active societies among similar clubs & societies in all other colleges in DU. The society is just not involved in activities related to wildlife but also addresses various environmental issues.

Activities like vaccination of all dogs on campus, introduction of eco friendly paper cups in the cafeteria, paper recycling workshops etc constitute some of the activities of the society.
The society hosts an annual fest ‘Prakriti’ which is attended by many prominent NGOs like WWF and PETA.

The yearly journal ‘Naturally Yours’ promises a platform for enthusiastic nature writers.
All in all the society is one whose work is fuelled by love and passion for nature.

Believe it or not, The Wildlife Society in the year 2008 did more than just Prakriti. This year’s team was a concoction of some hard working, some independently working and some hardly working members.

With an army of 30 first years and second years inducted (some of whom are yet to appear for a meeting) after an eco-friendly induction process (forms were e-mailed) and an overwhelming response, we started off with our very first plantation drive in Vasant Kunj (Ok, the area was very green, but we made sure not an inch of brown earth was visible till the residents drove us away requesting us not to plant any more trees)

Nature Walks became a regular feature led by our French ornithologist Aparajita and lead botanist Hiba Khair who is herself a one man army.

Our initiative of paper recycling to collect waste papers in boxes was so successful that all the paper we collected was used up by the end of the day as rough work sheets by the junior members!

In midst of “CAT”, constant bickering, getting after first years, Prakriti arrived with a bang, later than usual but also successful as usual with many NGOs participating in our fest. Though “Butterflies” were no where to be seen near the flowers, people still flocked to participate in wealth from waste, quiz, photography, green engineering, panel discussions and our case study competitions.

But for once, the fun didn’t stop here. Since then we have had a talk on genetically modified foods by GreenPeace, a slogan writing competition, vaccination of dogs, and a clean campaign in collaboration with Swecha.

On the one hand Sudeep worked round the clock juggling his various roles, and on the other Apoorva “Singh” roared over the first years to get them to work. Apoorva Gupta made sure that no one got a peaceful night’s sleep and everyone shuddered as she entered the room. Urmi and KP were so calm and peaceful even in the wildlife society that their presence was hardly felt. Surbhi was abandoned by her pet CAT and decided to put in some last efforts with the journal and the fest. Finally!

Our first and second year members were no less. With Yugul’s eternal cry of “Didi, didi”, the ever confused look on Priyanka’s face, the blink-and-you-miss-me Karan, the marketing specialist Manali, Yamini and Priyam’s innumerable phone calls to panellists, Anna’s hard luck with NGO’s owing to the global meltdown, Skand’s brainwaves from School, God Blessy us for the success of green engineering, and Elizabeth’s constant queenly presence, made us a very versatile team.

Shobna Iyer saved our lives and reputation from our lazy lifestyles as she left no stone unturned to produce ‘Naturally yours’, our annual journal released during Prakriti.

And finally after three years of constant trying and never giving up, the wildlife society trip to Jim Corbett national Park this year got lucky enough to be sighted by a tiger.

It’s been quite an eventful year, quite literally too, with immense interest and participation shown by all junior members. We hope the same for next year too and wish all members all the very best for all their endeavours and hope they have some planned for the society too.

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