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The year started on an optimistic note for the Quiz Club. We had finally got the cheque that had made us spend a fortune on autos and metro rides as well as caused a lot of heartache and prematurely greying hair. Little did we know that getting the money to the winners also entailed camping at the administrative office, launching search parties for errant pieces of paper that would mischievously go AWOL and other sundry work like fielding hysteric calls from the winners. Thankfully, not everything was as breezy as getting money. We started the quiz season with the Fresher’s Quiz that saw a high turn out and also saw the injection of young blood into the core group of the club. In addition to the normal test that takes place, for the first time interviews took place to induct first year members into the core group.
Fortunately, as we headed into second term we had sorted out most of the problems
concerning money and were feeling quite pleased with ourselves. More work beckoned
however. Shifting it from its usual timing in the third term we held the annual quiz fest—
‘Quizotic— in the second term itself, on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of November. The result
was heartening— we had a tremendous turn out. There were four quizzes that had been
scheduled over the three days— the Arts and Philosophy Quiz by Dr. Barua, the Sports
Quiz by a very hilariously wry Pradyumna Jairam, the Entertainment Quiz by Noel and
Sujai , the club president and treasurer and the General Quiz by Mit Chaudhary. We saw
a huge amount of participation from outside the college. The Sports and Entertainment
Quizzes saw a packed Seminar Room. The General Quiz was successful beyond our
wildest imagining with over a 100 people participating in the preliminary round. Though
that did mean we had to collect quite a lot of detritus of discarded paper and pens from
the Seminar Room we were immensely pleased by the response. The level of quizzing
was really good thanks to the respective quizmasters. The General Quiz, which is the
climax of any quiz fest, was won by the team from National Law School, Bengaluru.
As far quizzing goes most of us knew that we had been set a very high bar by our
predecessors. Noel and Sujai were placed 2nd in the prestigious DCE quiz ‘Panache’ as
well as 3rd in the General Quiz at SRCC. Chinmay was in the team that won the literary
quiz at St. Stephen’s and was placed second at Ramjas along with Gurnoor as well as
coming 3rd at the Arts and Philosophy Quiz with Budhaditya and Nivedita at Quizotic.
An all-QC team comprising Chinmay, Gurnoor and Nivedita finished 3rd in the General
Quiz at Quizotic. The first years were also pretty active with Nivedita winning the
History Quiz at Stephen’s. We also had teams participating in quizzes at LSR, Hindu,
Ramjas and Hansraj among other colleges.
The year in retrospect always appears tinged with nostalgia as it winds down to a close.
We end our season with the customary Inter-Departmental Quiz. The club would like
to thank the outgoing members for their immense hard work in organizing quizzes. It’s
because of them that — as Arnie would put with his trademark pithiness if he got the
chance and speech therapy— ‘We did stuff.’ We hope that this coming year we’re able to
better our record and scale even newer heights.

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