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The Planning Forum

The Planning Forum is a society that strives to engage the student body in discussions, simulations, and conferences that pertain to critical matters of daily concern. This year so far, guest speakers have included such notables as Arvind Kejriwal, Suhel Seth,Swapan Dasgupta, to speak on a variety of topical matters, such as democracy in contemporary India, social activism, and strands of the discourse surrounding the general elections.

The Simulations scheduled for this academic year include Moot Courts, MUN-oriented crisis simulations and policy-making competitions/workshops. Such simulations’ objectives include discussing isolated significant matters, locating students in situations therein encouraging innovative approaches to crises, the most recent being centred on the Syrian crisis.

The annual MUN oversees the conferring of students from a variety of schools, colleges and disciplines, amending and producing resolutions to conflict-inspired scenarios. The formats for the MUN committees are extensively researched and designed by a commissioned team of students within the PF.

The annual Journal “The Forum” is an end-of-year publication to which students contribute highly researched pieces articulating various perspectives. The Journal team also maintains the online newsletter “The StephanianForum” to which students contribute articles and videos, blogging about a range of topics within college.

The PF attaches immense importance to its relevance as a student body in college and has through platforms such as its 'Projects on Campus' branch also strived to encourage junior members to ideate and begin standalone projects which create sustainable impact on campus.

You can contact the Planning Forum at theplanningforum@gmail.com

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