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The Campus Placement Cell is the primary society in College that facilitates job and internship placement offers between the students and the companies recruiting from College. We handle all aspects of campus placement (hence, the name, obviously) from calling companies and inviting them to recruit from St. Stephen's, to organising placement talks and seeing a company through its recruitment process while on Campus.

We contribute to- among so many other factors, of course- making our College rank among the best in the country. How, you may ask? By ensuring that only top-notch companies come to us to recruit our students, and by making sure that our students are adequately equipped to get placed with these companies. In the CPC's history, we've witnessed spectacular placements, with firms which are the best in their fields. Every year, we strive to increase the list of recruiting companies so as to provide more opportunities for the students of this College. We're always aiming to push the envelope and go beyond our past performances- this means more and better companies, better and more-valued placements, and most importantly, better treats for every CPC member.

At the CPC, we like to believe that we bank strongly on diversity. That's why we don't just restrict ourselves to consultancy firms that overtly fuss over only Mathematics and Economics students; we like to cater to all sorts of companies of all sorts of backgrounds- media, publishing, hospitality, education- and that's just to name a few. And to make sure that students can get to be an inclusive part of this society, the CPC organises an Internship Fair and a Career Awareness Week for all the students who have registered with it.

2013's Internship Fair had more than 30 companies visiting Campus, recruiting students for summer internship and otherwise . The CAW, a pilot project started in 2013, is a week-long talk-based event that brings together people from different professional fields to College to talk about their industries and their field of work in it. We had luminaries like Mani Shankar Aiyer and Sandeep Bhikchandani attend our CAW as keynote speakers and provide some fantastic insight about the realms of their line of work.

So this is, in the briefest of words, what the Campus Placement Cell at St. Stephen's College does. Are you interested in contacting us?

Drop us a line at cpc@ststephens.edu. Doesn't matter who you are. We'd be happy to have you on board!

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