Message from the Principal


One among the 22000 thousand applicants this year, you are very precious to St. Stephen’s.  Over the years you have worked hard to attain the dignity of being an applicant at this institution. Sadly, many of you will not find a place for yourselves on the rolls of the College. This is more a reflection of the bonsai institution that St. Stephen’s is than on the bourns of your merit. If the field were as dense and the competition as tough as you face now, many of us who sit in judgment over you and, perforce, reject you would not have found a toe-hold in the sanctuary of higher education. St. Stephen’s College admires the potential you hold. We look forward to the promise in you blossoming and burgeoning in due season, wherever you may be. End of the day, we all belong together in this great country which is our shared home.

 While it is desirable to be nurtured in a great and proven tradition of excellence in education, it is unhelpful, at the same time, to exaggerate its importance towards ultimacy. You are far more important, for the fulfillment of your destiny, than any institution in the world. You have it in you to transcend and triumph over the limitations of circumstances. You don’t need a crutch to reach your destination. There is, I assure you, life outside St. Stephen’s. The great thing is to discover and to celebrate it. I wish you the joy and the beauty of life.

My heart goes out to those who may find themselves below the cut-off (forgive me for this cruel compound word!). Even more for those who, though short-listed for the interview, could fall short still of the selection mark. May each one of you find an appropriate place for your continued growth and empowerment. May be, the College would have the joy of welcoming some of you into its fold at the post-graduate level. Look ahead! The morning is already red with hope.

Have a blessed time.

Rev. Dr. Valson Thampu



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