Thanks to the support of several alumni, the College infrastructure has been renovated as a matter of priority during the last two years.  This task is almost done.

It is high time that we attended to our sports facilities; for what is our Alma Mater without its commitment to sports and games?

A top priority is the Basketball Court. Basketball is one of the cornerstones, so to speak, of the rich sporting tradition of our College. Laid a long time ago and for long in poor maintenance due to paucity of funds, our Basketball Court has now deteriorated to an extent that makes playing on it a risky proposition. For that reason we could not hold the much popular St. Stephen’s Invitational Basketball Tournament last year. Our court is not even fit for routine practice sessions.  Ideally we should have the all-weather seven-layer cushion surface. The estimated cost is Rs. 25 lakhs (approx.)   It is a goal that can be reached easily if the alumni, and among them especially the sports enthusiasts, respond generously. We have every reason to believe that all of you would.

Your contributions may be sent by crossed cheques/DDs, with covering letters, favouring “Principal, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi”. The covering letters should state the purpose of your remittance clearly.

All donations will be acknowledged appropriately.


R.Clement Rajakumar               S.K.Chakravortty                     Principal

Vice Principal & H O D              Associate Professor                 St.Stephen's College

Physical Education                   Physical Education                   Delhi-110007


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